Table 8

Impact of remission and LDA on other outcomes*

AuthorsCountry/regionYear of publicationPatientsFollow-up yearsRemissionImpact
Disease activity indexImmunological activityPGAPDN daily doseIS useAM useMinimal duration
Reátegui-Sokolov et al28Peru2019308NRSLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceOutcome: Hospitalisation
HR 0.45, p=0.001
Fasano et al30Italy20192949C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed5 yearsCardiovascular event: HR 0.18, p=0.023
Year of publicationPatientsFollow-up yearsLDAImpact
Disease activity indexExclusion of new activityMajor organ exclusionPGAPrednisone daily doseIS drug useAntimalarial useMinimal duration
Reátegui-Sokolov et al28Peru2019308NRSLEDAI<=4NoNoNR<=7.5AllowedAllowedAt least onceExcluding remission. Outcome: Hospitalisation
HR 0.50, p=0.001
Yeo et al41Australia20202002.1SLEDAI<=4YesYes<1<=7.5AllowedAllowed50%Outcome: Direct health cost.
Ratio of geometric means 0.53, p<0.001
  • *If an article included more than one definition, a row per definition is included.

  • AM, antimalarials; IS, immunosuppressive drug; LDA, low disease activity; NR, not reported; PDN, prednisone; PGA, Physician Global Assessment; SLEDAI, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index.