Table 2

Impact of remission and LDA on mortality*

AuthorsPatientsFollow-up yearsRemissionImpact
Disease activity indexImmunological activityPGAPDN daily doseIS useAM useMinimal duration
Drenkard et al466711.6Lack of clinical disease activity (no formal index was used)AllowedNRNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed1 yearHR 0.08, p<0.001
Medina-Quiñones et al553212BILAG C, D, ENot allowedNR0Not allowedAllowed3 years5% vs 17.7% (not on remission), p<0.001
Polachek et al76204SLEDAI=0Not allowedNRNot allowedNot allowedAllowed1 yearRemission vs LDA: 0.5% vs 2.5%, p=0.15 year 2
Ugarte-Gil et al1413502.4SLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceMortality (reference active) HR 0.56, p=0.2623
AuthorsPatientsFollow-up yearsLDAImpact
Disease activity indexExclusion of new activityMajor organ exclusionPGAPrednisone daily doseIS drug useAntimalarial useMinimal duration
Polachek et al76204SLEDAI<=2YesNoNRNot allowedNot allowedAllowed1Remission+LDA vs active 1.4% vs 6.9, p=0.02 (year 2), 3.6% vs 13.3%, p=0.004
Ugarte-Gil et al1413502.4SLEDAI<=4NoNoNR<=7.5AllowedAllowedAt least onceExcluding remission. Mortality (reference active) HR 0.81, p=0.6476
Alarcon et al2020558NRSLAM<=3NoNoNR<=7.5Not allowedAllowedNRDuration on LDAS
RR 0.303, p=0.1360
Sharma et al4020610SLEDAI<=4YesYesNR<=7.5AllowedAllowed50%HR 0.31, p<0.01
Sharma et al4020610SLEDAI<=4YesYesNR<=7.5AllowedAllowed30%HR 0.36, p<0.05
Sharma et al4020610SLEDAI<=4YesYesNR<=7.5AllowedAllowed70%HR 0.25, p<0.01
  • *If an article included more than one definition, a row per definition is included.

  • AM, antimalarials; IS, immunosuppressive drug; LDA, low disease activity; LDAS, low disease activity status; NR, not reported; PDN, prednisone; PGA, Physician Global Assessment; RR, risk ratio; SLAM, Systemic Lupus Activity Measure; SLEDAI, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index.