Table 3

Prevalence of autoantibodies in patients with SLE, non-IMID controls, rest group, BBD controls and patients with other IMIDs, and prevalence of autoantibodies in patients with SLE with nephritis

Antibody targetPrevalence in SLE
n (%)
SLE vs non-IMID controls
(p value)
Prevalence rest
n (%)
SLE vs rest
(p value)
Prevalence BBD controls
n (%)
SLE vs BBD controls
(p value)
Prevalence IMIDs
n (%)
(p value)
Prevalence in pts with nephritis
n (%)
SLE nephritis vs non-nephritis
(p value)
dsDNA199 (41.2)3.9E-2226 (5.5)1.3E-384 (1.1)2.0E-4142 (12.1)1.0E-1976 (47.2)NS
CpG194 (40.2)3.0E-2142 (8.9)4.1E-2926 (7.2)3.7E-2755 (15.9)5.6E-1477 (47.8)1.5E-02*
RipP1161 (33.3)7.8E-1655 (11.7)1.2E-1518 (5.0)2.1E-2349 (14.2)3.9E-1061 (37.9)NS
SmBB147 (30.4)9.6E-1441 (8.7)2.9E-1712 (3.3)2.2E-2338 (11)3.3E-1159 (36.6)3.6E-02*
Histones134 (27.7)6.5E-1240 (8.5)1.2E-1435 (9.7)9.0E-1160 (17.3)4.9E-0455 (34.2)2.6E-02*
RipP0133 (27.5)8.9E-1236 (7.6)7.6E-1619 (5.3)8.0E-1749 (14.2)4.5E-0644 (27.3)NS
Nucleosome129 (26.7)3.1E-1132 (6.8)2.0E-1616 (4.4)2.1E-1747 (13.6)5.2E-0655 (34.2)8.8E-03*
RipP2127 (26.3)5.8E-1141 (8.7)9.0E-134 (1.1)1.6E-2346 (13.3)5.6E-0644 (27.3)NS
Ro60119 (24.6)6.5E-1030 (6.4)7.0E-70 (0)2.6E-2453 (15.3)1.1E-03*46 (28.6)NS
CMV108 (22.4)1.6E-0845 (9.5)6.6E-89 (2.5)1.4E-1637 (10.7)1.3E-0551 (31.7)5.1E-04
RNPA94 (19.5)7.4E-0743 (9.1)5.0E-614 (3.9)2.0E-1156 (16.2)NS27 (16.8)NS
Ro5289 (18.4)2.7E-0627 (5.7)1.9E-91 (0.3)2.9E-1750 (14.5)NS32 (19.9)NS
RNP7077 (15.9)5.6E-0524 (5.1)4.9E-87 (1.9)1.8E-1137 (10.7)3.0E-02*24 (14.9)NS
SMP74 (15.3)1.1E-0423 (4.9)9.1E-87 (1.9)6.6E-1117 (4.9)2.3E-0631 (19.3)NS
LaSSB71 (14.7)2.3E-0419 (4.0)1.7E-80 (0)2.7E-1430 (8.7)8.9E-03*27 (16.8)NS
C1q69 (14.3)3.7E-0420 (4.2)9.3E-816 (4.4)2.5E-0616 (4.6)6.1E-0629 (18.0)NS
RNPC69 (14.3)3.7E-0422 (4.7)4.1E-718 (5.0)1.1E-0530 (8.7)1.4E-02*20 (12.4)NS
H2Bp60 (12.4)2.7E-03*18 (3.8)1.2E-615 (4.2)3.0E-058 (2.3)1.7E-0726 (16.1)NS
C3b57 (11.8)5.2E-03*29 (6.1)2.2E-3*19 (5.3)1.0E-03*29 (8.4)NS22 (13.7)NS
Ku51 (10.6)1.7E-02*27 (5.7)6.3E-3*6 (1.7)3.5E-0722 (6.4)3.5E-02*17 (10.6)NS
RA3350 (10.4)2.1E-02*17 (3.6)4.4E-59 (2.5)9.4E-0620 (5.8)2.0E-02*19 (11.8)NS
Actinin50 (10.4)2.1E-02*44 (9.3)NS22 (6.1)2.8E-02*43 (12.4)NS15 (9.3)NS
Cardiolipin49 (10.1)2.5E-02*36 (7.6)NS16 (4.4)2.1E-03*21 (6.1)3.7E-02*15 (9.3)NS
H2Bpac44 (9.1)NS18 (3.8)9.0E-4*16 (4.4)8.9E-03*16 (4.6)1.4E-02*26 (16.1)NS
H4p42 (8.7)NS23 (4.8)1.9E-2*11 (3.0)8.2E-0413 (3.8)4.8E-03*16 (9.9)NS
Pentraxin341 (8.5)NS35 (7.4)NS14 (3.9)7.3E-03*14 (4)1.1E-02*15 (9.3)NS
CRP35 (7.2)NS16 (3.4)8.0E-3*4 (1.1)2.6E-0510 (2.9)6.3E-03*15 (9.3)NS
ASCA18 (3.7)NS19 (4.0)NS10 (2.8)NS15 (4.3)NS13 (8.1)3.6E-04
Mi231 (6.4)NS27 (5.7)NS14 (3.9)NS17 (4.9)NS16 (9.9)2.6E-02*
  • Only autoantibodies with significant differences between groups are shown, antibodies not shown in this table did not significantly differ between groups. Due to the fixed specificity of 95%, used to determine the cut-offs for all autoantibodies, the prevalence of all autoantibodies in the non-IMID controls is 5% and is therefore not shown in this table. Statistical analysis by χ2 test. P values are given (E-05=10−5).

  • *No significant difference after Bonferroni correction.

  • BBD, blood bank donor; IMID, immune-mediated inflammatory disease; NS, not significant.