Table 1

Associations of remission with various outcomes

Definition of remissionN patientsAssociationCohort (reference)
Various definitionsN/ABetter HR-QoL3 studies SLR5
Diminished damage accrual8 studies SLR5
DORIS definition*268Better HR-QoLAmsterdam6 7
Diminished damage accrual
Lower (better) Patient Global Assessment
DORIS definition*1350Diminished damage accrualGLADEL8 9
1308Decreased risk for hospitalisation9
Based on Systemic Lupus Assessment Measure=0558Diminished damage accrualLUMINA13–15
483Better HR-QoL
DORIS remission*243Better HR-QoLAlmenara Lupus Cohort10–12
308Decreased risk for hospitalisation
281Diminished damage accrual
DORIS remission*2000Better HR-QoLHopkins Lupus cohort16 17
Diminished future cardiovascular and renal comorbidity
Clinical SLEDAI=0293Diminished damage accrualPadua cohort18–20
Various2160Diminished damage accrualAsia-Pacific Lupus Collaboration cohort21
Fewer flares
  • *In these instances, the definition used was based on the clinical SLEDAI; serology was disregarded and some treatments were allowed.4

  • DORIS, Definitions Of Remission In SLE; HR-QoL, health-related quality of life; N/A, not applicable; SLEDAI, systemic lupus erythematosus disease activitiy index; SLR, systematic literature review.