Table 2

Medications, syndromes, symptoms, pathogens, mortality and morbidities of patients with SLE with CNS infection

StudyCNS infection syndromes (n)Symptoms on admission (n)
MeningitisBrain abscessHeadacheFeverAltered mental statusMeningeal signsSeizureN/VFND
Baizabal-Carvallo et al36253221810186----
Hung et al371611714759112
Jiang et al38----859249--24----
Kim et al391111111713273
Vargas et al401942320--7664
Yang et al413713435192211238
StudyImmunomodulators and/or immunosuppressants in patients with SLE with CNS infection
No drugsPrednisonePrednisone daily dose (mg/day)CyclophosphamideHydroxychloroquineAzathioprine
Baizabal-Carvallo et al3622324.533--13
Hung et al3721530.73342
Jiang et al38----44--------
Kim et al39011170051
Vargas et al40023291010110
Yang et al41----34.2131305
StudyCausative pathogens (n)Persistent neurological sequelae (n)Relapse (n)Mortality (n)
Cryptococcus neoformansMycobacterium tuberculosisListeria monocytogenes
Baizabal-Carvallo et al36355903
Hung et al371004017
Jiang et al38181110------
Kim et al39512111
Vargas et al407702013
Yang et al4112193----10
  • CNS, central nervous system; FND, focal neurological deficits; N/V, nausea or vomiting.