Table 1

Characteristics of participants with SLE completing a functional assessment and COVID-19 pandemic questionnaire (6 October 2020–11 November 2021)

CharacteristicMean (SD) or n (%)
Mean (SD) age at survey, years46.0 (11.5)
Female at birth, n (%)233 (95.1)
Race,* n (%)
 Black193 (78.8)
 White37 (15.1)
 Asian4 (1.6)
 American Indian/Alaskan Native1 (0.4)
 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander1 (0.4)
 Other9 (3.7)
Pandemic related
Very vs somewhat/not all concerned†137 (56.2)
Less physically active‡133 (54.7)
Sleeping less‡132 (53.9)
Difficulty obtaining food‡83 (33.9)
Difficulty accessing routine medical care‡103 (42.0)
Difficulty obtaining medications‡52 (21.2)
Difficulty obtaining hydroxychloroquine‡§46 (29.1)
  • *Participants who reported multiple races including black (n=3) were categorised as black; no other participants listed multiple races.

  • †N=244.

  • ‡Reported as less versus about the same or more (physical activity, sleep) or any versus no difficulty (obtaining food, accessing routine care, obtaining medications), as compared with prior to the pandemic.

  • §Among those who reported currently taking hydroxychloroquine (N=158).