Table 4

Comparison of area under the ROC between risk calculators

Area under the ROCAsymptotic significance95% CI
QRISK3 >10%0.600.050.50 to 0.71
QRISK3 >20%0.570.200.46 to 0.67
ASCVD >10%0.530.570.43 to 0.64
FRS >10%0.520.750.41 to 0.62
Modified FRS >10%0.550.320.45 to 0.66
High-risk PREDICTS0.650.0000.55 to 0.74
  • ASCVD, Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease; FRS, Framingham Risk Score; PREDICTS, Predictors of Risk for Elevated Flares, Damage Progression and Increased Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with SLE; ROC, receiver operating characteristic curve.