Table 2

Clinical manifestation and regimens of monitored patients

Case ID1234
Clinical manifestationAlopecia, mucosal ulcer, increased anti-dsDNA antibody, autoimmune haemolytic anaemiaActive lupus nephritis, psychosis, lupus headache, alopecia, increased anti-dsDNA antibody, low complementActive lupus nephritis, low complement, autoimmune haemolytic anaemiaActive lupus nephritis, alopecia, mucosal ulcer, arthritis
Accompanied drugNoNoCTXNo
 DoseNoNo450 mg, intravenous, every morningNo
Following therapy
Dose5 mg orally, once a day50 mg, intravenous, two times per day200 mg, orally, four times per day200 mg, orally, two times per day
Clinical outcomeStableSevere to stableSevere to stableStable
2019 diagnostic criteria16292421
 Week 06301012
 Week 4217107
 Week 122171010
Leucocyte count (×109 counts/L)
 Week 127.417.45.44.0
  • The patients started receiving treatments (including methylprednisolone) after blood sample collection, and these treatments were naïve.

  • AZA, azathioprine; CTX, cyclophosphamide; dsDNA, double-stranded DNA; HCQ, hydroxychloroquine; MPT, methylprednisolone pulse therapy; PRDL, prednisolone; SLEDAI-2K, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index 2000.