Table 2

Sites and severity of infection for patients with SLE in each group

SILD IV-CYC (N=506)HD IV-CYC (N=256)P value
Infection sites
 Respiratory tract5210.283915.230.046*
 Skin and soft tissue91.78114.300.040*
 Urinary tract50.9931.171.000
 Gastrointestinal tract30.5951.950.173
 Other (haematologic, central nervous, etc)40.7920.781.000
 Multiple sites112.1762.340.881
Severity of infection
 Mild infection305.93249.380.080
 Moderate infection244.74228.590.035∗
 Severe infection122.37114.300.142
  • *P value <0.05. All p values less than 0.05 which is significant are in bold.

  • HD IV-CYC, high-dose intravenous cyclophosphamide; SILD IV-CYC, short-interval and lower-dose intravenous cyclophosphamide.