Table 2

Mean values of generic and SLE-adapted cardiovascular risk scores at baseline of 124 patients with SLE with or without vascular ultrasound-confirmed atherosclerosis and with or without progression of atherosclerosis

All patients (N=124)With plaques at baseline* (n=30)No plaques at baseline (n=94)P value†With new plaques (n=26)Without new plaques (n=98)P value‡
SCORE (%)0.67±0.80.98±0.70.54±0.80.0221.01±0.90.52±0.70.014
mSCORE (%)1±1.21.46±1.10.8±1.20.0221.52±1.40.8±0.90.014
FRS (%)5.2±4.58.2±5.44.2±3.7<0.0019±5.84.2±3.5<0.001
mFRS (%)10.5±9.110.8±2.08.5±7.4<0.00118±11.68.4±7.0<0.001
QRISK3 (%)9.1±7.114±7.87.5±6.0<0.00113.5±7.67.9±6.4<0.001
PCRE (%)3.7±5.06.1±7.22.6±30.0025±6.83.2±40.114
Globorisk (%)6.7±5.69.0±6.55.8±4.90.0149.9±7.85.3±3.5<0.001
PROCAM score (points)23.3±13.033.8±1019.9±12<0.00130±10.221.5±13.00.003
  • *Carotid plaques in 25 patients, femoral plaques in 19 patients and plaques at both arterial sites in 14 patients.

  • †Comparison between patients with or without atherosclerotic plaques at baseline.

  • ‡Comparison between patients with or without new atherosclerotic plaques at follow-up.

  • FRS, Framingham Risk Score; mFRS, modified Framingham Risk Score; mSCORE, modified Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation; PCRE, Pooled Cohort Risk Equation; PROCAM, Prospective Cardiovascular Münster; QRISK3, QRESEARCH Risk Estimator V.3; SCORE, Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation.