Table 2

Neuropsychological testing results reported according to the cognitive domain investigated by each test

Cognitive domainsTestsN=33
Executive functions, memory, visual-spatial processing, praxis skillsRey Figure Copy, mean (SD)32.4 (3.1)
Rey Figure Copy, altered0
Rey Figure Immediate, mean (SD)13.5 (7.5)
Rey Figure Immediate, altered5 (15.6%)
Rey Figure Delayed, mean (SD)12 (7.6)
Rey Figure Delayed, altered8 (24.2%)
MemoryRey Words Immediate, mean (SD)35.6 (9.8)
Rey Words Immediate, altered6 (18.2%)
Rey Words Delayed, mean (SD)7.5 (2.7)
Rey Words Delayed, altered2 (6.1%)
Rey Words Recognition, mean (SD)0.9 (0.1)
Rey Words Recognition, altered9 (27.3%)
Simple attention, shifting (B-A), executive functions, psychomotor speedTMT A, mean (SD)63.5 (24.8)
TMT A, altered5 (15.2%)
TMT B, mean (SD)126.7 (50.8)
TMT B, altered0
TMT B-A, mean (SD)62.3 (45.9)
TMT B-A, altered1 (3%)
Complex attention, executive functionsStroop Test errors, mean (SD)1.3 (0.)
Stroop Test errors, altered0
Stroop Test time, mean (SD)26.7 (12.5)
Stroop Test time, altered4 (12.1%)
Language (eg, verbal fluency, semantic skills)FAS fl verbal, mean (SD)33.6 (8.7)
FAS fl verbal, altered2 (6.3%)
FAS fl semantic, mean (SD)17.1 (3.6)
FAS fl semantic, altered1 (3.1%)
Executive functionsFAB, mean (SD)16.2 (1.9)
FAB, altered7 (21.9%)
Psychomotor speed, visual-spatial processing, reasoning/problem-solvingDigit Symbol Test, mean (SD)42.6 (12.4)
Digit Symbol Test, altered6 (18.2%)
Depressive symptomsCES-D total, mean (SD)15.2 (10.7)
CES-D, altered14 (42.4%)
  • Unless otherwise specified, values are absolute numbers and values in brackets are percentages.

  • CES-D, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression; FAB, Frontal Assessment Battery; TMT, Trail Making Test.