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294 Polymorphism promotor gene of il-4 and il-4 level at graves disease patients
  1. R Masri Muchtar
  1. Faculty of Medicine Andalas University Padang Indonesia, Internal Medicine, Padang, Indonesia


Background and aims Graves diseases are hyperthyroidism cause by immunological factor. Thyroid antibody at Graves disease activated thyrotropin receptor to make increase of thyroid hormone production. Treatment with prophyltiourasil can decrease the level of thyroid hormone but level of IL-4 are still higher more than normal. Aim of the study to know polymorphism promotor gene of IL-4 and correlation with IL-4 level at Graves disease patients.

Methods Study done from 35 Graves disease patients. Blood vena sample take for DNA isolation, thyroid antibody and IL-4 level. Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 with PCR-RFLP using restriction enzyme and electrophoresis by agarose gel 1,5%. Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 continued with PCR sequencing. Thyroid antibody and IL-4 level was measure by ELISA.

Results Analysis from 35 patients with Graves disease found IL-4 level are 22,77±9,43 pg/ ml(normal <1,3 pg/ml). Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 was found at T-589C and T-34C position. Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 at T-589C was found at 28 (80%) sample. Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 at T-34C was found at 27 (77,1%) sample.This study found relation of polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 with high level of IL-4.

Conclusions IL-4 level are higher at Graves diseases patients. Polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 found at T-589C position (80%) and T-34C position (77%). Suggestion polymorphism promotor gene IL-4 have relation with high level IL-4 at Graves disease patients

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